Exhibitor List

Exhibitor List

KWIK-ZIP Spacers

Stand: 56
3 Barnard Street
Western Australia

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Contact Person: Girish Gupta
Phone: +971-52-7131666
kwik-ZIP® non-metallic Spacers & Centralizers have been developed to solve support, grading and centralization challenges in the trenchless, HDD, pipeline, vertical production drilling, and ground engineering industries.
kwik-ZIP products are suitable for use on steel, DICL, MSCL, GRE, PVC, HDPE and other pipe material and are a non-metallic solution manufactured from high grade thermoplastics.

Kwik-ZIP products characteristics are providing benefits to the customers utilizing the products, namely;

1. Corrosion Protection - Fabricated metallic spacers are subject to corrosion and can impart corrosive damage to the pipeline. In some cases, metallic spacers can damage the pipe, particularly if the carrier pipe is a non-metallic composite pipe such as fiberglass or PVC. Kwik-ZIP spacers and centralizers have no metal parts which assists in overcoming some of the corrosion issues that exist with other products.
2. Low co-efficient of friction – products are made from a specially modified polyoxymethylene (POM) material that have a low co-efficient of friction which allows for quick and easy insertion inside carrier pipe.
3. Adjustable sizes – kwik-ZIP spacers and centralizers are adjustable spacers, meaning that the same spacers and centralizers can be used for varying pipe diameters – adding an extra layer of flexibility.
4. Reduced insertion forces - allows for greater run lengths and the use of lower insertion forces during installation in trenchless projects. The use of lower insertion forces in particular allows contractors to reduce the size of machine required to complete an installation, saving money, energy and physical space at the job site.
5. Simple and rapid installation process.

kwik-ZIP has established distributors in Australia, New Zealand, United States and Great Britain, an established presence in the Middle East and North Africa, and operates from its Head Office in Bunbury Western Australia, and has warehouse facilities in Sydney, Texas, and the UK.