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Exhibitor List


Stand: 16
Floor 1, Building 15, No.481 Guiping Rd., Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, Xuhui District

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Contact Person: Mr. Happy WANG
Phone: +86-21-64900309
5ELEM, a master of Advanced Fibre Composites Technology, a group enterprise of developing and manufacturing high-end materials and products, has devoted in high-tech industry for over 30 years since 1983, and nowadays 5elem is building the entire businesses through innovation on high-end layflat hose, High-pressure continuous layflat hose,composite materials, fire-proof paint and carbon fiber products.
Proudly to be one of the largest worldwide supplier of high-end layflat hoses, 5ELEM has contributed to providing solutions to global customers with various layflat hoses in the fields of shale gas fracking fluid transferring, municipal pipelines, oil-transferring, fire-fighting, and industrial fluid delivery
For high-end layflat hose, 5ELEM has the world’s top manufacturing base with improved facilities for daily production capacity up to 100 kilometers, and supporting by advanced production scheduling and switching system, 5elem provides customized service featuring multi-variety, small batch, and short lead time.
5ELEM is committed to becoming an expert of municipal/oilfield underground pipelines rehabilitation, to providing customers with trenchless rehabilitation solutions and product customization service for pipelines in fields of crude oil, natural gas, sewage, thermal energy, and potable water.
With excellent ability of researching and developing materials in multiple levels, and with adjoined technology of polymer and fiber, 5elem constantly satisfies the high-end customers’ new needs of hose applications.
5ELEM values R&D as its key competitiveness, by devoting to be a technology-driven leader, focusing on promoting the development of the industry, implementing basic R&D and application R&D simultaneously, to bring the direct value to customer through technical progress on products; 5ELEM has brought together experts in the industry, establishes the cooperative relations of Industry-Academia-Research with national academicians and domestic and foreign universities; 5ELEM has built R&D institutions domestically in the city of Taizhou, Shanghai, as well as in oversea regions such Taiwan and the United States; 5ELEM has applied for a total of 108 patents.
5MS Lean Management System, based on the world's advanced manufacturing concepts, is actively being promoted by 5ELEM. It draws up a house-like blueprint of “Lean Thinking”, "Lean Kaizen" as the foundation, "TQM, TCM, TIE, TPM" as the pillars, "strategic management and policy management” as the beam, and “Customer Value, Lean Production, Performance Excellence" as the roof. It helps 5ELEM achieve the realization of lean plants, and provide customers with highly consistent and cost-effective products and service.
Understanding and creating customer’s demand to meet customer satisfaction is the core philosophy of 5ELEM. Through communicating directly with customers, solving technical problems timely and establishing the supply chain management system perfectly, we can meet the needs of customers promptly and efficiently.
With the excellent performance, 5ELEM’s products are being supplied to 120 high-end customer base around the world, winning the popularity in the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Middle East. In North America, we are well-known as the major supplier of industrial layflat hose, large diameter fracturing hose and fire hose, and the leader of trenchless rehabilitation for oilfield and municipal pipelines。
5ELEM takes “Integrity, innovation and longevity” as its core value. Guiding by the mission of “Create new values of materials”, respecting the concept of “Innovation as Fundamentals and Technology as Motivation”, 5elem integrate resources to build platforms for providing Hi-Quality products and solutions, aiming to be the trust-worthy partner reliable to customers. With the vision of “taking good responsibility and contributing back to the society”, 5ELEM is continuing to devote itself in becoming the reputable innovator for advanced layflat hose.