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Exhibitor List


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DTJ 203, DLF Tower B
Jasola District Centre
New Delhi

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DCI was founded by aeronautical engineers, and avid pilots John Mercer and Peter Hambling in 1990. The result was the most technologically advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) locating and tracking system in the market, backed by extraordinary customer service. HDD technologies are used to install underground utilities, such as fiber optics, power, and water with minimal environmental impact.

We revolutionized the HDD industry with the introduction of the DigiTrak locating system in 1991. The unique features of the system provided greater accuracy for measuring the depth and location of the drill head than prior systems by providing two additional vital orientation parameters: pitch and roll. By knowing the pitch and roll of the drill head the drill operators could advance the drill much faster and pull back the product easier so the drilling operation became more accurate and productive. DCI currently manufactures the Falcon series locating systems, model F5, F2 and F1.

We offer world-class support. With branch offices located around the world, we provide 24/7 support by specialists who are ready to answer your questions.