Exhibitor List

Exhibitor List


Stand: 9
Weseler Straße 35

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Contact Person: Ralf Diesing
Phone: +49 151 57137966
The innovative SCHAUENBURG MAB separation plants with capacities up to 4.000 m³/h operate successfully on numerous tunnelling and microtunneling sites worldwide.
Bentonite slurry is used in tunnelling as a stabilising medium for the working face of Hydro- and Mixshields in tunnelling and microtunneling and as a conveying medium for the discharge of the excavated material. Once having fulfilled its duty this fluid must be cleaned and recovered.

The design of the MAB plants always provides separation results with constant quality even in times of peak performance. Two in-line hydrocyclone stages ensure a perfect separation cut and contribute to a reduction of bentonite loss. Consequently, the costs for waste management and for drilling fluid additives are minimised.
The growing market in the Middle East is a hotspot for Schauenburg MAB.

Therefore we are looking forward to this event.