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Exhibitor List


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Specialising in small diameters, BRAWO® SYSTEMS has become one of the leading system suppliers in the drain and sewer renovation industry. Beside the consumable liner and resin, the company also provides appropriate installation equipment and purpose-built, fully equipped vehicles and trailers. The
BRAWOLINER® process is a no dig rehabilitation solution. BRAWOLINER was developed specifically for the rehabilitation of pipes in diameters from DN 50 to
DN 400
• Rapid rehabilitation without excavation, dirt & noise
• Up to 50% cheaper than open construction
• Suitable for almost all damage & all pipe materials
• Durability of over 50 years
First, the liner will be impregnated with epoxy resin and then inserted in the defective pipe. It lines the pipe completely & eliminates all existing and potential
damages. Curing creates a completely new pipe within the old. The trenchless rehabilitation allows a quick, cheap and permanent rehabilitation of pipes within buildings, buried pipes and pipe connections.