Exhibitor List

Exhibitor List

I. S. T. Innovative Sewer Technologies GmbH

Stand: 28
Rombacher Hütte 19

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Contact Person: Holm Reisinger
Phone: +49234579880
Headquartered in Bochum, the heart of the Ruhr area, I.S.T. Innovative Sewer Technologies GmbH is a key leading provider of complete solutions for pipe and sewer rehabilitation. This now rapidly growing company was founded in the spring of 1998 by its managing director Jörg Vogt.

The company, which now operates worldwide, is both manufacturer and dealer for a large number of successful sewer rehabilitation products. For example, the Power CUTTER milling robots for applications from DN 100 to DN 700 as well as mobile UV, steam and hot water systems (Power LIGHT / nUVision / STARLIGHT / Power STEAM / Power BOX) are assembled at the Bochum plant.

Innovative in-house developments are designed by I.S.T.’s designer team at the highest technical level using the latest software (CAD, CAx, CAM) and converted into durable, practical and construction site compatible products.

In multi-shift operation, a wide variety of consumables such as sewer rehabilitation hoses (Inliner) made of polyester synthetic fibers, which were previously processed into felt, non-woven or knitted fabric, are manufactured. In addition, support and calibration hoses as well as top hats for the rehabilitation of lateral connections are produced.

Trained employees, high-quality raw materials and the best possible machinery contribute to the sustained success of all these products.

Quality “Made in Germany”
All service and repair work also takes place in our workshops at I.S.T. GmbH in Bochum. We now even offer the professional repair of third-party products.

This service guarantees our customers only short downtimes and thus extremely effective work processes. If a repair should take a longer period of time, we generally offer loan units for the duration of the repair for many of our products. We also provide our customers with these loan units to cover special peak periods, depending on availability.

One of our most successful products is the short liner system “Spot Repair System” and “Spot Repair System Plus”, which, like the EasyLINER system, has the “General Building Inspection Approval” of the German Institute for Building Technology.

This rehabilitation system for partial rehabilitation, which has proven to be extraordinarily successful in recent years, has achieved numerous excellent inspection and test results.