How To Edit Your Profile

1) Log-in to the site via the left side of this page using your username and password.

2) Click the menu link 'Edit Your Exhibitor Profile' under the 'Exhibitor Zone' tab at the left side of this page.

3) Click your company name in your profile, as shown below:-

4) Click the edit tab next to your company name, as shown below:-

5) Click the 'Edit Entry' link, as shown below:-

6) Add/Edit your details within the form, as shown below:-

NOTE: When adding a YouTube video, please just insert the code only. For example when the link is, please just add the last part after the = sign OeP28QPzVnE

7) When you have finished adding/editing, click the 'Submit Entry' button towards the bottom of the page.

8) Your profile will be updated accordingly.

NOTE: If you have not received your username and pasword please contact us by clicking here.




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